Saturday, January 1, 2011

American Girl Store

We took a trip to the Grove in LA with Tausha, Reina, & Keira and had luch at the American Girl Cafe. Such an amazing place, I love the way they cater to little girls and make them feel so special.

Ainsley & Reina on the AG star- where Ainsley says dreams come true. :)

The girls making a sunvisor craft. Today was the unveiling of the 2011 girl of the year named Kanani, so everything had a Hawaiian theme.

Ainsley and Lanie.

Allie waiting with her new Bitty Baby for the cafe doors to open.

Bitty Baby was hungry!

Allie & Bitty Baby at lunch. See the cute high chairs for their dolls???

Ainsley & Lanie at lunch. Mom was mean and wouldn't let her take Kanani out of the box. One doll to have at the table was enough!

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Kelly said...

I can't wait to take the girls there one day!!