Saturday, January 1, 2011

American Girl Store

We took a trip to the Grove in LA with Tausha, Reina, & Keira and had luch at the American Girl Cafe. Such an amazing place, I love the way they cater to little girls and make them feel so special.

Ainsley & Reina on the AG star- where Ainsley says dreams come true. :)

The girls making a sunvisor craft. Today was the unveiling of the 2011 girl of the year named Kanani, so everything had a Hawaiian theme.

Ainsley and Lanie.

Allie waiting with her new Bitty Baby for the cafe doors to open.

Bitty Baby was hungry!

Allie & Bitty Baby at lunch. See the cute high chairs for their dolls???

Ainsley & Lanie at lunch. Mom was mean and wouldn't let her take Kanani out of the box. One doll to have at the table was enough!

Happy 2011!

Ok, I am going to try to get back to this blogging thing! :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Danger Will Robinson

Allie has no fear. She climbs like a maniac, even moving things quickly to help her climb more quickly. She scares me.
Here are two times I caught her today. Sorry for the grainy pics- they are from my phone.

The one you don't see is when I caught her standing on top of the table. ACK!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Grandpa & Poodle and Kelly, Cameron, Miley & Irelyn came over today to celebrate Christmas. The girls had a blast playing in the backyard together. As usual, I did not have my camera around to capture any of the moments...

Here are a few of the after...
Ainsley got a telescope from Grandpa and Poodle and she is checking out the moon.

Ainsley loves her My little Ponies from Kelly, Cam, Miley & Irelyn.

Christmas Morning

The girls were so excited to wake up and see that Santa had been to their house! Ainsley was difficult to get any pictures of since she never stopped moving, but she was very excited about her Barbie scooter & art table. Allie was delighted with her rocking horse. Being a parent and seeing the excitement and wonder on your child's face on Christmas morning is something that just cannot be explained. :)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a super busy day. We baked cookies for Santa & finished our shopping.

We took a walk to look at Christmas lights and it was Allie's first wagon ride. She LOVED it!

She kept singing songs to herself and dancing.

Ainsley wrote her first letter to Santa. I was so proud of her. All I did was help her make the sounds and she spelled the words herself!

Before going to bed, Ainsley left milk and cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.

Allie Candids

She's such a cutie. Here are a few from the last few days.